Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dog Artist Painting Sold in 1700 U.S. Dollars

With a deft, Sam brush to white canvas in front of him. Soon after, an abstract painting finished doing. Make no mistake, the painter is a dog named Sam.

Dogs who live in the Eastern Shore, Maryland, USA, is capable of producing several best-selling works. The painting was sold at a price of U.S. $ 1700 (USD 17 million).
"Sam was always a dog, but the best-selling abstract paintings in several galleries in New York," explained Mary Stadelbacher, owner of Sam.

According to Mary, Sam liked to paint and not do it for hours. Sam's favorite, played on the canvas color. He will start from the darkest color, then move on to the color of the younger and brighter.

Stadelbacher, who opened Shore Service Dog in America, took him four years ago to become a dog rescuer. Unfortunately Stadelbacher never finished training as an accident in his right arm. The operation failed and his right arm does not work anymore. Finally, Mary made him helpers.

Mary later was inspired to train him to paint. "I saw dolphins and elephants to paint, I thought why not dogs?" Explained Mary. Eventually Sam was a trained painter.
"He has held exhibitions in several galleries in New York, as she Dibro. Some art collectors have purchased his work, too, "added the master proud.

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